2 The Week

Rebecca Hancock's new collection of 52 inspiring personal development subjects and quotes, to make the most of your week - and your year!

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Life is a journey, which consists of a roller coaster of events and emotions that can challenge even the strongest of people! And indeed the challenges that you face can be so varied. One week's 'trial' can be so very different to the next.

That is the basis of the book. It is written to help you with life's challenges and have on hand support on a whole range of personal development subjects written in a simple and easy to understand way. Because life is not just about being learning to be positive, or setting goals - it is about a great deal more!

You can use the book as a reference as and when you need to or you can work through it throughout the year. The choice is yours!

"It is not the stars that hold our destiny but in ourselves"

William Shakespeare

What people are saying about Welcome 2 The Week

'Welcome 2 The Week' reassures me that goals are personal and often not the same as others, and that I should follow my own dream and not the dream others may perceive I should follow

Collette Griffiths, Entrepreneur

In 'Welcome 2 The Week' Rebecca shows an amazing talent for focusing on the very thing that was on your mind! Full of inspirational analysis of the areas of life challenges that we all face - with lots of hints and techniques on how to get through that challenge!

Geraldine Kirwan, Teacher

About the author

Rebecca Hancock, a qualified and professional life coach, has been empowering a wide range of clients to achieve their goals, realise their dreams and live the life they want.

After facing challenges in her own life, and overcoming them, she felt that if she could do it the she could help others too. Retraining as a Life Coach and gaining a distinction in her studies, she founded dream2be Coaching and Personal Development in 2010.

Becoming a life coach, she has helped people of all ages with self-esteem, confidence and happiness challenges, to name just a few. She continues to empower clients to face their fears, and live each day to the full.

Rebecca lives in the UK, is a Mother of two and has also founded a motivational clothing brand - happy2be.